News nybble: Scout out Recce at the Southwest Show

There will be a new application released by Sine Nomine at Saturday’s Southwest Show for use with map-app RiscOSM. The software is designed to allow you to check out a particular place ahead of time if you are planning or considering a trip there, by pulling in photographs from various online sources. Subject to the […]


News bit: Find your way with some free maps

Unknown to RISCOSitory before now, it appears Bernard Boase Veasey has some vector maps (with contour data) available to download for use in RiscOSM. The maps cover Ecuador, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, and Israel, and have just been updated with optimisations for use with the style sheet features in the latest versions of […]


London Show snippets

As everyone in RISC OS land should know by now, this year’s London Show will take place tomorrow at the St Giles Hotel in Feltham. With my exhibitor hat on, I get very busy in the run up to a show – and I also deal with trying to get any last minute news posted […]


News nybble: RiscOSM gains contour lines in time for London

RiscOSM, the mapping software from Sine Nomine that uses data derived from OpenStreetMap has gained a major new feature in time for the London Show. Towards the end of his talk at April’s Wakefield Show, Matthew Phillips mentioned that Sine Nomine were looking at adding contour lines, the data for which is now available from […]


New from Sine Nomine at Wakefield

In my preview of the Wakefield Show, which is looming ever closer as I type this, I mentioned that Sine Nomine will have a new version of puzzle game Wrangler available, and were expecting to have new versions of RiscOSM and, possibly, other products from their range. Sine Nomine’s Matthew Phillips has now been in […]


RiscOSM 1.29 release at the London Show

Announcement from Matthew Phillips, 23rd October, 2015. Sine Nomine Software will have a new release of RiscOSM, the vector mapping software for RISC OS, available at the London Show. We will also have a selection of SD cards with fresh map data, covering the Americas, Australasia, Africa, and all the countries in Europe using the […]