KeyMapper configuration tool released

Andrew Conroy has released a configuration tool for James Peacock’s KeyMapper module, allowing you to more easily set up your key mappings if you are either using a keyboard that doesn’t provide all of the keys you need, or if you want some keys to act as mouse buttons – particularly useful for some laptops, […]


PDF to JPEG conversion now offered by KPDFUtil

Kevin Wells has released yet another update to his front-end for PDFUtils, a set of command-line tools for manipulating PDF files in various ways. Version 1.03 of KPDFUtil now supports converting PDF pages to JPEG files.

User groups

Zooming to the Midlands for a meeting

The Midlands User Group (MUG) usually meets once every other month, and the meeting this month would ordinarily have taken place today – but like other user group meetings and shows, it couldn’t go ahead because of the pandemic and consequent lockdown.


Show report: Southwest 2020

I don’t think anyone can possibly disagree with me when I say that 2020, so far, has been an unusual year. Most of the world is in some form of lockdown due to the SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus) pandemic, with movements beyond our homes and interactions with people beyond our own households at a minimum – […]


Get your daily exercise with two new AMCOG collections available from Elesar

The lockdown may have been eased slightly in the UK (elsewhere may vary), meaning you are permitted to venture outside for longer for your daily exercise, but that doesn’t mean you should be outside all day, every day – so what can you do at home for the rest of the day?


A brief look at RISC OS Direct

At the 2019 London Show, news broke of something to be called RISC OS Direct – a new distribution (distro) of the operating system, and an accompanying video series. The actual launch of RISC OS Direct happened in February, at the Southwest Show, so should be covered in the show report – but that report […]


News nybble: KPDFUtil 1.01 brings image extraction

Kevin Wells’ recently released KPDFUtil, which provides a front-end for some features offered by PDFutils, has already seen its first update. Version 1.01 now includes support for extracting images from PDF files, with options for all images, or just those found on a certain range of pages. The new version also benefits from some minor […]