13s turns 1.01 after 14 years

One developer that pops up a lot on RISCOSitory is Kevin Wells, aka Kevsoft, who has a number of applications – which he updates fairly regularly – that make use of APIs from third party websites and online resources, providing a way to access and use information from them on the RISC OS desktop, that might not otherwise be accessible. That isn’t the only type of software he has available, though.

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Hexen 1.07 released

If you attended the Southwest Show back in February, you’ll know that there was a new release of Hexen from R-Comp, which saw some significant updates over the older version – amongst other things meaning it can now be run on more modern RISC OS computer systems. It seems that the programmer responsible for the updated port of the game, Gerph, has been continuing to improve it, because there is now a new version available – 1.07 – which R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley says is a major update.

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12MinsTo9 – simple maths and sliding tiles

A completed game of 12MinsTo9 where the maximum achieved was 512

A very simple game that’s been around for about a decade is 2048, a sliding tile game in which the goal is to slide all of the numbered tiles in one of four directions, in order to cause collisions between two tiles bearing the same number, at which point they combine to become the total of the two.

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