12MinsTo9 – simple maths and sliding tiles

A completed game of 12MinsTo9 where the maximum achieved was 512

A very simple game that’s been around for about a decade is 2048, a sliding tile game in which the goal is to slide all of the numbered tiles in one of four directions, in order to cause collisions between two tiles bearing the same number, at which point they combine to become the total of the two.

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Get in a flap, but don’t pipe down (updated 23rd June)

I mean, don’t HIT a pipe, or you’ll GO down! Almost a decade ago, a very simple game was hatched from the mind of Vietnamese programmer Dong Nguyen. The game, Flappy Bird, was a very simple sideways scrolling game with only one control requirement – to tap the screen. This caused Faby, the flappy bird in question, to flap its wings and gain some height, otherwise it’d descend – all the while flying to the right. Update, 23rd June, 2022: The RISC OS version of this game has now been…

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