Developers’ fireside chat, 8th July

The next so-called ‘fireside chats’ will take place on Saturday, 8th July. These online meetings, aimed at people who are (or would like to be) involved in RISC OS development – either of the OS itself, or of programs to run on it, are intended to be friendly discussions, about any and all areas related to writing software.

Attendees can be anything from an absolute beginner, just starting out and trying to learn the ropes, to someone whose expertise is such that they just have to look at the computer and it starts bending to their will – and any level in between.

The idea is that by meeting up regularly, and discussing issues faced by programmers, producing helpful demonstration videos along the way, as well as general advice and guidance to those who need it, programming on RISC OS might be seen as less of a dark art and more of the fun pastime that it really is.

The meeting will kick off at around 7:30pm using Zoom, and anyone interested in RISC OS programming is welcome to join, beginner, expert, or somewhere between those two extremes.

The meeting credentials remain the same as previous sessions, so if you’ve attended one before you can use them to join again. If you haven’t, you can get them from Andrew McCarthy on Twitter or Mastodon or via ChatCube if you’re a user of that. Alternatively, you can send an email in my direction.

Please note, though, that any emails sent in the direction of the bunker on Saturday may not get a reply until close to the meeting’s start time – so don’t panic if you don’t hear back straight away.

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