Come on and play Koi-koi

It’s a carp-carp card game, doncherknow – but not a version of Go Fish! Rick Murray has released an implementation of a Japanese two-player card game, pitting you against the computer, called Koi-koi (or “come on”). The game is played with a deck Japanese playing cards called Hanafuda, which translates as flower cards, and the […]


News nybble: Manga now at version 0.30

Since its initial release last year, Rick Murray’s Manga application, which allows RISC OS users to access manga – a form of Japanese comics – found on Rick has released a number of updates to the software since its initial release, and amongst other things the latest version gains support for Ctrl-Left and -Right […]


Breaking: RISC OS unforked thanks to lottery win

In an astounding start to April, some frankly brilliant news has landed on the RISCOSitory desk: the long running issue of two separate parties laying claim to ownership of RISC OS has finally been put to bed thanks to the proceeds of a large win on the Euro Lottery.


News nybble: Imagery given kiss of life

Rick Murray has dug out an old graphics application, Imagery, that was originally a commercial package and subsequently released on an Acorn World cover disc in 1993. With some basic – or in this case BASIC – hacking, the application now works again on modern systems. For more details – and a link to download […]


News nybble: Rick Murray releases KanaTutor

Learning Japanese, I think I’m learning Japanese, I really think so! For a number of years now, Rick Murray has been trying to learn the hiragana and katakana Japanese syllabaries, which are components of the written language. To assist with the process, he has developed an application called KanaTutor, which is now available free of […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 13th January, 2018

A round-up of 2017 news that could have been reported on at the time if people had only sent it this way! With 2017 now behind us, looking back over the RISCOSitory posts for the year might leave people thinking there has been very little activity in the RISC OS world – but in fact […]


News nybble: Three apps from Rick Murray

Rick Murray has made available updates for three pieces of software: EtherStat: a utility to display the status of your ethernet connection. OvHTML: an HTML import filter for OvationPro. Scan32bit: A file scanner that searches for possible 32-bit problems.