News nybble: NetSurf gains support for CSS Media Queries in version 3.9

A new version of NetSurf has been released into the wild, and as well as some general bug fixes and improvements, including to its JavaScript handling, this version also benefits from support for CSS Media Queries (level 4). The term “CSS Media Queries” might seem a little meaningless to anyone who simply uses the browser […]


News bit: Find your way with some free maps

Unknown to RISCOSitory before now, it appears Bernard Boase Veasey has some vector maps (with contour data) available to download for use in RiscOSM. The maps cover Ecuador, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, and Israel, and have just been updated with optimisations for use with the style sheet features in the latest versions of […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 14th August, 2018

A round-up of news items found anywhere but the RISCOSitory news submission address! With time rarely being on my side, I’m always glad when people who release software or other resources for RISC OS, or who do anything else relevant to the platform let me know about it by sending their news to the email […]


News nybble: RPCEmu 0.9.0 sneaked out

A new version of RPCEmu was pushed out early last month, featuring two significant changes leading to its version number jumping from 0.8.15 to 0.9.0. Those changes – for which test versions have been available for a while – are the shift from the Allegro 4 library to the Qt5 library (which enabled Chris Gransden […]


New RISC OS 5 User Guide published

RISC OS is so intuitive to use its User Guide is how big? A new version of the User Guide has been published by RISC OS Open Ltd – the first printed edition since Acorn’s last one in 1996, and one that is bang up to date with the latest stable release of RISC OS, […]


News nybble: It’s five past two for CPUClock

No, wait, that’s 2.05, a version number – not 2:05, a time! Chris Johnson has – apparently belatedly – announced the release of CPUClock (mirror) version 2.05, an small application that can display the speed and temperature of the CPU, as well as offer some control, such as reducing the clock speed if the temperature […]


News nybble: Epic amounts of native storage accessible from RISC OS

RISC OS Open Ltd promised us an epic announcement at Wakefield – and this might just be it: The company will be demonstrating “previously unheard of amounts of storage on RISC OS” with a 2TB – that’s two TERRABYTES – drive attached directly to a disc controller on a RISC OS computer, in native Acorn […]


News nybble: Raspberry Pi RC15 now available

RISC OS Open Ltd have sneakily released a new RISC OS release candidate for the Raspberry Pi – if it can be called sneakily when they said at the recent Southwest Show (see Rob Sprowson’s talk) that it was coming soon. RC15 can be found on their Raspberry Pi downloads page, with full details on […]