Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 12th February, 2017

A last minute round-up before the bunker is sealed off for a few days! Later today, the RISCOSitory/Soft Rock Software bunker will be sealed and secured shut while I disappear into the middle of nowhere for my annual mid-February break. Hopefully, there will be no kind of apocalyptic event while I’m away, so the bunker […]


RISC OS GCC 4.7.4 release 2 now available

Announcement from Theo Markettos, on behalf of the GCCSDK developers, 26th September, 2015. The RISC OS GCCSDK developers are pleased to announce the GNU Compiler Collection version 4.7.4 RISC OS release 2, which is now available for download.


DrWimpC App Builder 1.20 released

Announcement from Pete Miller, 9th January, 2014 DrWimpC App Builder 1.20 is available for download from the DrWimpC website. This release contains various bug fixes and introduces several new features and updated, expanded StrongHelp documentation.