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Jan 242015

And a reminder: Vote now and be counted!

The 2014 RISC OS Awards poll has been underway since the beginning of December, and the deadline for votes was to be the end of January – in one week’s time. However, that has now been extended, and the new deadline for votes is 7th February, 2014. If you haven’t voted yet, you now how two weeks in which to make your decision and cast your vote. Continue reading »

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Jan 242015

Also, group name morphs from SAUG into SROUG.

The Southampton RISC OS Users Group usually meets on the second Tuesday of each month, and In February, that should mean the 10th. However, Dave Higton reports that there is a clash on that day with a Parents’ Evening, so the February meeting has been provisionally rescheduled for the following day – Wednesday, 11th February. Continue reading »

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Jan 242015

No, Dave, this is unlikely qualify you for a Broken Cog award when it’s time to set up the 2015 RISC OS Awards. It’s just not poor enough!

Dave Higton recently updated the Help file of JDServer with instructions for using the server from Windows 7 and Mac OS. However, he subsequently realised that he’d messed up his version control, and it’s possible that when people updated they may have reverted to using version 0.07 of the software as a result. Continue reading »

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Jan 242015

Quick, slow, quick-quick, slow!

Chris Hall has released a new application called CPUFreq, which he describes as a utility to monitor, display and alter the CPU speed settings on those hardware platforms that support switching the CPU between slow and fast speeds – such as the BeagleBoard and PandaBoard. Continue reading »

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Jan 242015

A beta PackMan than before!

Alan Buckley has released a new beta version of his package manager, PackMan. The software is designed to work with packages distributed using the RISC OS Packaging Project, and is an alternative to the project’s own software, RiscPkg. Continue reading »

Jan 142015

An opportunity to reminisce about good times long very recently gone.

The RISC OS User Group of London have announced the date and subject of their next meeting – and it’s a subject that I hope all but fifty or so members of the RISC OS community are currently thinking about!

That subject is the 2014 RISC OS Awards poll, which is currently underway and has only received a handful over fifty votes so far – with a closing date that is a little over two weeks away, at the end of this month. Continue reading »

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Jan 142015

Start singing programming for your supper Pi

David Feugey, who hosts and serves up the French language website using a Raspberry Pi, has announced the site’s first programming contest – to write something in BBC BASIC, the programming language that is included in the ROM image of all versions of RISC OS, as well as Arthur (ostensibly RISC OS 1) and the ROMs of Acorn’s older 8-bit computers, going all the way back to the very first BBC computer. Continue reading »

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