Feb 112016

AKA: RISC OS on the cheap.

The next meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London will take place on Monday, 15th February, and the meeting’s presentation – with the multi-puntastic title “RISC OS for Pi-nuts” – will be presented by Peter Howkins and Bryan Hogan. The pair will be looking at ways to run RISC OS without having to run up a large bill to do so. Continue reading »

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Feb 072016

It’s time for those Itchen for a meeting in Southampton to get together again…

The second Tuesday of each month is the customary date for Southampton-based RISC OS users to get together for a meeting – so it’s no surprise to see an announcement from Dave Higton to say that the next meeting is to take place on 9th February.

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Feb 072016

It’s catch-up time again after another busy period here at the RISCOSitory bunker, folks – so here’s another batch of news nuggets that have been waiting in the wings: Continue reading »

Feb 012016

On the menu: Raspberry Pi and WROCC cakes!

WROCC logoThe next meeting of the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club takes place on 3rd February, at 7:45pm, and this month’s special guest is none other than Mike Cook.

RISC OS (and Acorn) users of old will remember the name Mike Cook from his “Body Building” series in the Micro User. The series started out in the BBC Micro days, and each article would guide the reader through building a small electronic device that could be connected to the computer. That series has now morphed into a Raspberry Pi-based one called “Mike’s Pi Bakery”, and appears in The MagPi magazine. Continue reading »

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Jan 262016

An updated look at the alternative options people have voted for so far.

RISC OS Awards logoThe voting form for the 2015 RISC OS Awards poll went live seven weeks ago tomorrow – and the current tally stands at a few short of 140. This is a notable improvement on last year’s poll, which received around a hundred entries after being open for over two months, although still a little short of the previous year’s 150 – and ideally, even that could be bettered. Continue reading »

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Jan 192016

Announcement from Steve Potts, 18th January, 2016.

RONWUG – RISC OS North West User Group – 20th January 2016

RONWUG‘s next meeting is this Wednesday, and we’re hoping there will be no further venue disruption. Work appeared to be almost complete in November, but Plan B is still ready to put into action should the need be required. Continue reading »

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Jan 152016

All you need: A used washing up liquid bottle, some sticky-back plastic, and a pair of scissors. Again.1

The next meeting of the Midlands User Group takes place tomorrow (16th January), and will feature a hardware repair workshop in which the group will be looking at resurrecting and repairing some older RISC OS hardware. Continue reading »

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