May 022016

Nothing to do with World of Warcraft or Betty Boop!

Jim Lesurf has released an application called LP_WowAndFlutter, with which you can examine and measure any “wow and flutter” produced by an LP replay system which, with vinyl apparently coming back into fashion, might be useful when those old turntables are pulled back into service. Continue reading »

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Apr 232016

It’s not what you get if you feed steroids to a photocopier!

Launched at this year’s Wakefield Show, AmCoG Games new 3D perspective, vector graphic game Xeroid is now available for general purchase.

Based on a similar idea to Fervour, originally released by Clares Micro Supplies in 1993, the game sees you guiding your craft along a track, with the blackness of space forming the backdrop – your goal being to remain on the track, overcoming obstacles to reach the end. Continue reading »

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Apr 232016

These are not the page numbers you are looking for!

Drag 'N Drop magazine logoThe latest edition of on-off-on-off-under-new-management PDF magazine Drag ‘N Drop is now available to buy, either from its website or via !Store. This issue – number three of its seventh volume – is 36 pages long excluding the front cover1, and as usual includes a mix of regular features and one off articles.

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Apr 232016

Despite the ‘e’ it is computer-related, and not some kind of Great British French Bake Off.

Shortly before this year’s Wakefield Show David Feugey, the man behind RISC OS Fr, pre-announced an, er, announcement that would made on the morning of the show – and the announcement he pre-announced was indeed announced when he said it would be announced.

And what was that announcement? It was for the Raspberry Pie contest. Continue reading »

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Apr 152016

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 15th April, 2016.

RCI is pleased to announce that we will have various deals on ARMX6 and TiMachine computer systems purchased at the Wakefield Show.

Purchasing a computer to take away with you lowers our shipping costs, and ensures that the machine is well cared for during transit. We pass these savings on to you in the form of extra goodies! Continue reading »

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Apr 142016

Announcement from Chris Evans, 14th April, 2016.

CJE and 4D are looking forward to seeing many of you at the Wakefield Acorn and RISC OS Show on Saturday, 16th.

In addition to the two fastest ever RISC OS computers, the RapidO Ig and RapidO Ti, which will be in stock on our stand, we’ll have our normal massive and ever expanding range of Acorn or RISC OS related items! Continue reading »

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