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Mar 132015

No, that’s Leila, not Leela – it’s the one from Hack Circus, not the one from Doctor Who!

The March meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London – ROUGOL – should be something quite special for those able to attend: The guest speaker for the meeting is a comedy writer, a technologist, a maker, and a broadcaster, all rolled into one in the form of Leila Johnston of Hack Circus, a quarterly live show and magazine exploring areas such as speculative science, subversive technology, and so on. Continue reading »

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Mar 132015

Time for a good dollop of ketchup… erm, I mean, time to catch up!

As ever, the result of devoting time to getting ready for a RISC OS show means putting other work to one side to deal with after – which therefore means I tend to be busy after the show, leading to a lack of updates to RISCOSitory (an effect worsened when the show happens to fall at the start of what is going to be a busy period anyway, as some do).

So the best way to deal with that?

A ‘Snippets’ post catching up on things and bringing the site back up to date! That’ll be this, then, starting with some event news. Continue reading »

Mar 072015

BASIC heating at March meeting!

Dave Higton, has posted a reminder about an upcoming meeting of the Southampton RISC OS Users Group, aka SROUG.

Following February’s shift from its usual second Tuesday of the month, which was due to a clash with a parents’ evening, the March meeting of the Southampton group is back on schedule, and will therefore take place on Tuesday, 10th March, at the usual time of 7pm, running until 9pm. Continue reading »

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Feb 282015

‘Ello, John, got a new motor computer?

The most rubber-dated show in the RISC OS calendar, the RISC OS Southwest Show, took place this year just one week ago, on 21st February, 2015 – and it was a busy show, well attended by both visitors and exhibitors.

As usual, the event took place at the Webbington Hotel, Loxton, Somerset, on the side of Crook Peak in the Mendip Hills – a location which, while a touch harder to get to than most shows, is one which is undeniably scenic, with fantastic walking behind and above the venue, and splendid views from in front. Continue reading »

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Feb 192015

Finding the Webbington Hotel – a true test of Sine Nomine’s RiscOSM!

This year’s Southwest Show, which takes place on Saturday, 21st February, will see Sine Nomine Software making their debut appearance at this event – regular exhibitors at other shows, Durham-based couple Matthew and Hilary Phillips have never before attended this one. Continue reading »

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Feb 182015

Roll out the red carpet!

RISC OS Awards logo

RISC OS Awards logo

The RISC OS Awards poll for 2014 officially closed earlier this month, and the votes have now been counted up – on RISC OS, using a combination of a small BASIC program and Colton Software’s Fireworkz. Continue reading »

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Feb 162015

First notable example of ARMX6 development benefiting other hardware.

R-Comp have released an upgraded operating system for users of their PandaBoard-based ARMiniX computers, and for PandaBoard users who are subscribed to their PandaLand support scheme. Released just a week before the Southwest Show, at which R-Comp will be officially launching their new i.MX 6-based ARMSX ARMX6 computer, the update appears to largely be a result of work done for the new machine. Continue reading »

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