Nov 282015

With the end of November rapidly approaching, and with it the deadline for preparing the RISC OS Awards poll for 2015 (coming soon, folks), here are some news items that have previously either slipped under the RISCOSitory RADAR (it came with the bunker, doncherknow), or which were held back for a snippets post. Like this one! Continue reading »

Nov 262015

Not quite as cheap as chips – but not far off at all!

When the Raspberry Pi was first announced, some people joked about its proposed price, saying things like if it was much cheaper, it wouldn’t be long before a computer was included as a free gift in a box of breakfast cereal. And while that hasn’t happened – yet – today saw something not that far removed: A computer provided as a free cover gift on a magazine. Continue reading »

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Nov 252015

Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. Red keys on the keyboard? Well, that’s just right!

Visitors to the recent London Show – and readers of the RISCOSitory account of the event – will know that one of the items on display was a keyboard on the RISC OS Open Ltd stand. However, this wasn’t just any old keyboard, but something a little more interesting.
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Nov 162015

But if there is, it might be a sort of ‘Plan B.1’ (if that makes sense!)

For the last few months, Steve Potts has been announcing the RISC OS North West User Group’s meetings with a warning that, due to ongoing building refurbishment work, it’s possible that the group might not be able to meet in the usual place. To that end, he has provided a ‘Plan B’ that would see the group relocate to an alternative venue if necessary. Continue reading »

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Nov 092015

Southampton tomorrow, Bristol the next day… then, the WORLD! BWAHAHA! Or something.

Tuesday, 10th November sees the Southampton RISC OS User Group meet up, from 19:00 until 21:00 at its usual venue, the Sports Centre of Itchen College, Deacon Road, Southampton. The meeting takes place in the College Centre, which is an open area with tables and chairs, adjacent to the Sports Centre Reception desk. Continue reading »

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Oct 232015

Announcement from Steve Revill, 23rd October, 2015.

Visitors to the London show this weekend may wish to drop by the ROOL stand to take a sneak peek at a brand new Cortex-A15 motherboard designed with RISC OS in mind, which has kindly been loaned to ROOL for the duration of the show. Continue reading »