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Aug 202014

You can virtually attend meetings – but with no interaction. Just like TV!

The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club have come up with a new way to encourage membership from afar – by allowing members to virtually attend meetings, albeit after they’ve happened. In other words, they’re making videos of meetings available online for those people who are unable to attend in person. Continue reading »

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Aug 172014

LET TechGuides = (printed OR digital) magazine + (email OR (email + telephone + skype) OR on-site) support1

Following his recent campaign to raise funds to publish a book about the history of Acorn Computers, David Bradforth has again turned to crowd funding website Indiegogo to raise funds for another project. This time, the goal is to launch a new magazine and support scheme, called TechGuides. Continue reading »

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Aug 172014

Announcement from R-Comp, 16th August, 2014.

We are pleased to be able to offer a special deal on tablet computers, for the next few days (it is a short-term offer). As many know, we’ve offered tablet computers alongside our RISCube/ARMini ranges for the last couple of years.

Our supplier has made available a small number of “premium brand” (hint, begins with an “S”) tablets at a heavily reduced price. Continue reading »

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Aug 162014

A selection of hitherto unreported items from the past few months.

B gets beefed up to become B+

On 14th July, just a couple of days after the Midlands Show, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a new version of the Raspberry Pi. The Model B+ is the same size as its predecessors (give or take – well, take – about half a millimetre or so in one dimension) but features an improved layout and specification. Continue reading »

Aug 102014

Surprise! Just when you thought it wasn’t going to get written!

The 2014 Midlands Midsummer MUG Show took place on 12th July, at the St John’s Church Hall in Kenilworth, just as it has for the last few years, and I was there, rapidly changing hats so fast no observer could even see me doing it (or even see the hats), between one for Soft Rock Software, and one for RISCOSitory – on the one hand, promoting my products (both old and new), and on the other promoting this site, and gathering information for it. Continue reading »

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Aug 052014

Announcement from R-Comp, 4th August, 2014.

We are pleased to announce that a third update has been released for our DeleGate system deletion/protection software on !Store.

First revealed at the Midlands show, DeleGate is a new, low-cost software product designed to fulfill a need for RISC OS 5 users, but also applicable to RISC OS 4. Continue reading »

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