Oct 202016

RISC OS Bits, who popped up on the RISCOSitory RADAR with an amusing acronym just in time for April 1st this year,  has released a new product called the RiscPOD – a 40GB 2.5″ hard drive in an Acorn branded enclosure, with an emulator installed and ready to run. Four versions are available – IyoPOD, with RPCEmu installed; ArcPOD, with ArcEM installed; BarePOD, without an emulator so you can set it up yourself; and CustomPOD, on which other set ups can be installed on request.

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Oct 202016

R-Comp Interactive has released ‘Super Pack 8’ – an updated disc image, containing the latest versions of the bundled software – for their ARMSX ARMX6 and TiMachine computers. Users of those machines, or who have subscribed to the relevant support schemes if appropriate, can download SP8 from the download site for the computer/scheme, using log-in details provided with the original documentation.

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Oct 162016

A change is as good as a rest, and boy do I need a rest!

A perennial problem faced here in the bunker is one of time – the one most people will understand: A lack of it. Busy periods have become more and more frequent, and seem to go on for longer, and during those periods publishing news on this site can become quite a headache. Continue reading »

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Oct 162016

Out of the chaos comes… another round up of (mostly late) news!

With yet another protracted busy period here in the RISCOSitory/Soft Rock Software bunker, it’s time to round up some news that has either been previously missed, or held back until more time was available. Continue reading »

Oct 152016

Just the thing for the morning after the night before, and you’ve woken up wondering where on Earth you are!1

Chris Hall has released a new application, provisionally called ‘SatNav’, that can read the signal from a GPS receiver and feed it to other applications capable of understanding and acting on that data. One such application is Sine Nomine’s mapping software RiscOSM, which will then open a map showing your current location. Continue reading »

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Oct 142016

Erm… best for you, that is, because it’s subjective, innit?

Chris Hall will be visiting the RISC OS User Group of London on Monday, 17th October, to give a talk entitled ‘System Comparisons’ in which he will look at the various new systems available that can be used to run RISC OS – whether they are full-blown, ready to use computers sold by the likes of R-Comp and CJE Micro’s, or simply system boards and DIY kits, for which additional components are needed such as (for that full Blue Peter experience) some sticky-back plastic, pipe cleaners and a used washing up liquid bottle1.

Continue reading »

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Sep 162016

Tom Williamson to present his Pi-based machine to ROUGOL.

The guest speaker at this month’s RISC OS User Group of London meeting, which takes place on Monday, 19th September, will be Tom Williamson of Ident Computer – and his subject matter will be the company’s Raspberry Pi-based Micro One computer. Continue reading »