Mark Moxon talking to WROCC about Lander – 5th June

If your use of RISC OS goes back to the early days of the operating system, there’s a very good chance you’ll have either have played Lander or, at the very least, will have found it lurking on one of the discs that came with your computer. It was supplied on the ‘Applications Discs’ that came with early Archimedes and A3000 computers.

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Meet Andy Vawer at ROUGOL – 20th May

The RISC OS Developments programmer behind Pinboard2, the Wi-Fi drivers, and more Since its inception, with the original aim of producing a web browser, there have been a lot of good news coming out of RISC OS Developments Ltd (ROD) – from the browser itself, Iris (albeit still in testing and not yet ready for public release), taking on ownership of the operating system and releasing it under a truly open licence, and much more, including development of additional software.

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Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the RiscPC with ROUGOL

A RiscPC promotional picture

It seems like only ten years ago that the RiscPC turned twenty years old, and there was an article posted here to commemorate the event, and we even had cake and celebrated at that year’s Wakefield Show – and that’s because it was only ten years ago! If you move forward ten years from that, you of course reach thirty, so it’s worth remembering the machine once again.

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