Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the RiscPC with ROUGOL

A RiscPC promotional picture

It seems like only ten years ago that the RiscPC turned twenty years old, and there was an article posted here to commemorate the event, and we even had cake and celebrated at that year’s Wakefield Show – and that’s because it was only ten years ago! If you move forward ten years from that, you of course reach thirty, so it’s worth remembering the machine once again.

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Chris Hall set to wave at London

Well, to talk about the Waveshare Mini-B IO board to ROUGOL. Same thing, right? Not yet formally announced by the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL), but listed on the website, the group’s next meeting will take place on 19th February, and the speaker will be Chris Hall on the topic of the Waveshare Mini Base board (CM4-IO-BASE-B), which he will be bringing along with him to demonstrate.

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