News nybble: TrainTimes 1.12 arrives at multiple stations

Kevin Wells has released a new version of TrainTimes, his software that looks up information about train and station timetables and routes via the Transport API website using Wget. The new version follows a similar route to BusTimes (which performs the same task for buses) in that it now allows multiple stations to be added […]


News nybble: Minor BusTimes update

Small update to the program – not an update to do with small buses Kevin Wells has released another version of BusTimes, his application that uses Wget to interrogate the Transport API website and return information about bus (and bus stop) timetables. The new version fixes a problem whereby, depending on the data source used […]


News nybble: BusTimes 1.07 released

A new version of Kevin Wells’ BusTimes application has been released. The software’s purpose is to look up the timetables for buses and stops, and version 1.07 allows the user to interrogate the times at any given stop along the route of the bus at which they are currently looking. The software uses Wget to […]


News nybble: Save your bus route timetables

Following a similar facility being added recently to TrainTimes, Keven Wells has added a save facility to BusTimes – which performs a similar timetable look-up function as the first application, but for buses and stops rather than trains and stations. Kevin has also uploaded a short video demonstrating the new feature. Both pieces of software […]


News nybble: TrainTimes gains crystal ball feature

Having recently updated his BusTimes application to allow forward planning for trips on the bus, Kevin Wells has now given the same treatment to TrainTimes. The application, which allows you to look at what trains are due at a specified station, can now do so at a date and time of your choosing. He has […]


News nybble: BusTimes gains look-ahead feature

Kevin Wells has released another new version of his BusTimes application, bringing it up to version 1.03, with a new feature that allows you to specify a date and time for your chosen stop, allowing you to better plan ahead for your trip. Kevin has uploaded a short video to YouTube demonstrating the feature. The […]


BusTimes gains more stops

Kevin Wells has released version 1.02 of his bus timetable application, BusTimes. The software can show the user which buses arrive at a given stop and at what times, and clicking on a button for a particular bus will display its route and timetable.

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 14th August, 2018

A round-up of news items found anywhere but the RISCOSitory news submission address! With time rarely being on my side, I’m always glad when people who release software or other resources for RISC OS, or who do anything else relevant to the platform let me know about it by sending their news to the email […]