Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 14th August, 2018

A round-up of news items found anywhere but the RISCOSitory news submission address! With time rarely being on my side, I’m always glad when people who release software or other resources for RISC OS, or who do anything else relevant to the platform let me know about it by sending their news to the email […]


News nybble: qoppa loada this website generator

Gavin Wraith has released a new tool for generating websites and updating individual web pages. Called Qoppa, the application is – unsurprisingly – built on RiscLua, and it will parse the directory in which it is placed, generating web pages from those files. The files can contain HTML or some limited ‘markdown’, get a default […]


News nybble: Weave updated (post, er, updated!)

That’ll be mark up creation all sewn up, then. Gavin Wraith has released a new version of Weave, an application that can generate web pages from scripts, and thus remove any need to understand either HTML or CSS. The script language used is a subset of Lua, so anyone who writes programs in that language […]

User groups

Shoot for the moon at ROUGOL – 16th November

Lua and Dynamic Linking to be discussed by Gavin Wraith. Meeting on the third Monday of each month, the RISC OS User Group of London‘s next shindig takes place on Monday, 16th November – and this time around, the guest speaker is Gavin Wraith, the long-time maintainer of RiscLua.