Feb 152019

A new version of comprehensive business accounts package Prophet is now available from Elesar Ltd. The update to version 3.96 includes a number of changes to help in the area of internationalisation, reflecting the number of customers not based in the UK. In addition, there have been a couple of other minor fixes.

The software, originally developed by Apricote Studios (now Accountz) and now maintained and sold by Elesar, is available to new customers for £97.20 including VAT, or for £68.40 if upgrading from any 3.xx version. And for those whose businesses will be affected by the coming changes under the ‘Making Tax Digital’ banner, the software has been successfully tested and meets the requirements (PDF), and it’s now just a matter of waiting for the final boxes to be ticked at HMRC for final approval.

Feb 142019

Kevin Wells has made a small update to his QrCode application, adding a choice of background colour, and to fix a “silly bug” (a typo) in the application’s !Boot file.

Feb 142019

There will be a new application released by Sine Nomine at Saturday’s Southwest Show for use with map-app RiscOSM. The software is designed to allow you to check out a particular place ahead of time if you are planning or considering a trip there, by pulling in photographs from various online sources.

Subject to the availabitlity of an internet connection, Sine Nomine’s Matthew Phillips hopes to be able to demonstrate it in use in his theatre talk. And since it has been made possible by the recent RISC OS Open TCP/IP bounty improvements, all of the proceeds from sales of the application will be put towards the next stage of the bounty.

Feb 112019

Users of R-Comp‘s ARMSX ARMX6 computers who have purchased the Graphics Acceleration software first previewed at last year’s Southwest Show can now benefit from a free update to version 1.10 from. The new version resolves issues with legacy full-screen modes that use screen banking or shadowing.

The software can be purchased through !Store, through which existing users should also the new version available for them to download.

Feb 112019

Kevin Wells has made available version 1.01 of QrCode, his application to produce the ‘square’ bar codes you sometimes see, which often have URLs and other data encoded within them. First released in 2015, the software requires Wget to work, because it uses the services of the QR Code Generator website.

Requested by a user of the software, the update adds the ability to set the error conversion code, which determines the degree of data redundancy. Interactive help has also been added, to make its use that little bit easier – and Kevin has also uploaded a short video of the application in action.

Feb 022019

Having recently updated his BusTimes application to allow forward planning for trips on the bus, Kevin Wells has now given the same treatment to TrainTimes. The application, which allows you to look at what trains are due at a specified station, can now do so at a date and time of your choosing. He has also uploaded a short video demonstrating the application and this new feature.

The program draws its data from the Transport API website, so requires a working internet connection and a copy of Wget.

Jan 132019

Kevin Wells has released another new version of his BusTimes application, bringing it up to version 1.03, with a new feature that allows you to specify a date and time for your chosen stop, allowing you to better plan ahead for your trip. Kevin has uploaded a short video to YouTube demonstrating the feature.

The program draws its data from the Transport API website, so requires a working internet connection and a copy of Wget.

Jan 062019

Now you can tell corny jokes in other languages.

Kevin Wells has released an updated version of his cheesy joke application, DadJokes. Bringing it up to version 1.01, the new version of the application introduces a new feature, although that feature also brings a new (known) bug with it – but to balance that out slightly, Kevin has also squashed another small bug.

The software’s purpose is quite simple: It presents a random joke to the user. While chuckle-inducing, these jokes are usually very cheesy, and if not they’re very corny – but who can really tell the difference?

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Dec 122018

Or at least very (a)corny ones.

Kevin Wells has released another application that makes use of Wget to act as an interface between the RISC OS user and a remote website.

Called DadJokes, the purpose of the software this time isn’t to perform a useful service, but instead to do something much better – display a random, and usually very corny joke.

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Nov 302018

A portent of coming… increased functionality!

A new version of Prophet is now available.

The software is a comprehensive business accounts package, with features that compare well to those found on much more expensive accounts packages on other platforms. It was originally written by Quentin Pain and sold through Apricote Studios (now Accountz), and as of earlier this year it is being looked after by Rob Sprowson and sold through Elesar Ltd.

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