RiscOSM 2.07 and Recce 1.06 both now on the map

Users of Sine Nomine‘s excellent mapping application RiscOSM, and its sibling application Recce, can now grab new versions of both pieces of software.

RiscOSM provides vector maps, based on converted data from OpenStreetMap, and allows you to display maps with varying amounts of detail and scale levels, custom styling, and so on. For the UK in particular there is a quite comprehensive index of place names if you need to search for something specific, or you can enter OS grid references or postcodes, and – of course – maps can be exported as Draw or Sprite files for importing into other applications.

The new version – 2.07 – benefits from improved linking to bus departure times across Great Britain, as well as better handling of hyperlinks from WikiData. Other recent releases before this one also brought improvements to the software, with PNG and JPEG export of maps, and better performance when drawing maps while other applications are processing in the background. There have also been many bug fixes.

Recce (which requires RiscOSM version 1.67 later to be installed on your system) allows you to scout out an area shown on your RiscOSM map by viewing photos from sources like Google Street View or Flickr – a handy way to check out an area before you visit, so you know what to look out for when you get there. It can also provide access to weather forecasts and other map-based data, such as road collisions.

Version 1.06 fixes a small issue in that last function, whereby data on UK road collisions wasn’t being fully fetched.

In both cases, the latest versions can be found on Sine Nomine’s downloads page. Both applications are commercial, with Recce also requiring RiscOSM to be installed, so depending which version you have already the latest version may be a chargeable upgrade.

While on that downloads page, you may wish to grab the latest map data as well, which has been updated to November 2021 – though it will only work in RiscOSM version 2.00 and later, so if you’re using an older version it’s unsuitable for your copy. However, the drawing of smaller scale maps is is very much faster in the latest version, so it’s worth updating to gain that benefit.

You may also need to update your AcornHTTP module to run the latest version of RiscOSM, which can also be downloaded from Sine Nomine (zip).

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