About RISCOSitory

RISCOSitory is a website dedicated to publishing news and information relevant to RISC OS and its users. Maintained and run by Vince M Hudd of Soft Rock Software, the site also plays host to a number of RISC OS related mailing lists, and the Quantum Software archive. There is also a RISCOSitory YouTube channel, Twitter feed, and Facebook page.


RISC OS is an operating system, originally developed by Acorn Computers Ltd to run on their ARM based Archimedes computer systems. Despite the closure of Acorn in 1999, the operating system itself continues to be developed in both closed source and open source forms.

Other, related websites

News, Blogs and Portals
  • RISC OS News Network – a news aggregator, bringing together news, blogs, discussions and tweets about RISC OS and ARM from a variety of sources.
  • The Icon Bar – the longest running RISC OS web portal and news site. (Aka Acorn Arcade, which was once a separate, related site, dedicated to gaming, but the two merged some years ago.)
  • riscos.info – a community and developer-driven Wiki.
  • The RISC OS Blog – a news, views and reviews blog regarding RISC OS, that now remains online as an archive.
  • Drobe – a news site that is no longer active, but remains online as an archive.
  • Archive Magazine – an A5 subscription based magazine that has been running since 1987.
  • Drag ‘n Drop – a PDF magazine, published and sold online.