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News nybble: Wakefield gathering, 6th March – Pot-pourri

The next meeting of the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club will cover a number of different topics. To kick things off, Terry Marsh will be demonstrating Pi3D, using Python. This will be followed by Chris Hughes showing how Impact can be used to create databases of photos, stamp collections, etc. Chris also hopes then to […]


New from Sine Nomine at Wakefield

In my preview of the Wakefield Show, which is looming ever closer as I type this, I mentioned that Sine Nomine will have a new version of puzzle game Wrangler available, and were expecting to have new versions of RiscOSM and, possibly, other products from their range. Sine Nomine’s Matthew Phillips has now been in […]


Sine Nomine Software at the Southwest Show for the first time

Finding the Webbington Hotel – a true test of Sine Nomine’s RiscOSM! This year’s Southwest Show, which takes place on Saturday, 21st February, will see Sine Nomine Software making their debut appearance at this event – regular exhibitors at other shows, Durham-based couple Matthew and Hilary Phillips have never before attended this one.

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 12th October, 2014

If news were a hot dog, this would be the ketchup. (Ketchup? Catch-up? Geddit? No? Ho hum – where’s my coat?) Here at the RISCOSitory/Soft Rock Software top secret underground bunker (whose entrance is cunningly disguised as a ramshackle shed) things have become somewhat busy positively hectic over the last couple of months, which has […]


Sine Nomine Software at the Wakefield Show

Announcement from Matthew Phillips, 10th April, 2014. The Wakefield Show is not very far off now: just over two weeks away. Sine Nomine Software will be attending and we will have some upgrades and hopefully some brand new software available on the day.


Impact 3.45 released

Sorted menu fields are the order of the day. Sine Nomine Software have released a new version of Impact, their relational database package. Originally developed by John Skingley of Circle Software, and taken over in 2003 by Matthew and Hilary Phillips of Sine Nomine, Impact is a relational database for RISC OS, which is easy […]


ImpEmail becomes a separate product

Mail-merging email software spreads its wings. Back in April, at this years Wakefield Show, Sine Nomine Software introduced ImpEmail. a tool that worked alonside (and was therefore supplied with) their relational database, Impact, to create mail-merged emails. However, a new version of the module has just been announced, and this version marks the availability of […]