Sep 222013

Wake catch up! wake catch up! King news in a Catholic RISCOSitory style.

When I resurrected the Snippets format back in July, I commented that it hadn’t brought me entirely up to date with RISC OS news and, with the Midlands Show fast approaching at that point, I predicted that I would very likely fall further behind again.

In the period after the show, I’ve only been able to publish a few items on RISCOSitory – mainly show news, which I try to get online ASAP, even if I don’t really have the time, because it’s important that people know about such events as they are key to many of the companies and developers in the RISC OS world for promoting their software and products. Continue reading »

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May 122012

Absoluately fabuluas.

RiscLua is a dialect of Lua adapted for use on RISC OS computer systems, and its maintainer, Gavin Wraith, has reorganised the download page on the RiscLua website, and added a handy new application for developers using the language.

The download page now has the distribution split into separate, smaller zip files containing RiscLua itself, example programs, utilities, the source code and the StrongHelp manual โ€“ and the new application, called Absolua.

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Apr 152012

Gavin Wraith has been in touch with a little information about RiscLua, a version of the Lua programming language adapted for RISC OS computer systems, and further developed over the last ten years. It seems that RiscLua was updated to version 5.40 in November 2011, a piece of news that was overlooked on this site.

Gavin explains further: Continue reading »

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