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Absoluately fabuluas.

RiscLua is a dialect of Lua adapted for use on RISC OS computer systems, and its maintainer, Gavin Wraith, has reorganised the download page on the RiscLua website, and added a handy new application for developers using the language.

The download page now has the distribution split into separate, smaller zip files containing RiscLua itself, example programs, utilities, the source code and the StrongHelp manual – and the new application, called Absolua.

The purpose of Absolua is to convert RiscLua programs (either textual source or compiled bytecode) into standalone absolute executable files (filetype FF8), which will be useful for those who want to distribute their programs to systems that do not have RiscLua already installed.

“In boot-strapping style,” explains Gavin, “!Absolua’s own !Runimage was created by !Absolua, so that you do not need to have !lua already installed to run it. You only a need a text editor to write the source of a RiscLua program and !Absolua to convert it to an executable. Drag the source to !Absolua’s iconbar-icon and the executable’s icon appears in the save-box that pops up.”

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