Try on a tux – run Linux on your Titanium too

Announcement from Elesar, 12th April, 2016.

Elesar‘s award winning Titanium motherboard has run RISC OS 5.23 since it started shipping in late 2015, with a Linux variant also available, but having two computers for two different operating systems is a bit of a waste of desk space, so wouldn’t it be easier to be able to try out Linux with only a mouse click?

To coincide with the forthcoming Wakefield Show, Elesar will be releasing a new application, GoLinux, which allows you to jump straight from the RISC OS desktop into Debian (Jessie) without needing to re-flash or remove any memory.

To return to RISC OS, simply shut down and power cycle the board – RISC OS boots from ROM as normal straight into the desktop.

So that’s two computers in one, plus you can use aspects of Linux for tasks where there’s no direct RISC OS equivalent program, using both of the Cortex-A15 cores.

The instructions how to make a Linux image are available on GitHub – though if that’s a little daunting there’s a preprogrammed micro SD card version of the same thing available as a spare part.

Read more about Titanium’s best new development award.

For show arrangements and travel details visit the Wakefield Show website.

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