Andrew Conroy releases BASIC library for the Raspberry Pi JAM HAT

Encouraging people to be as flashy as he is when his boss isn’t around! Observant readers and show visitors will have noticed that Andrew Conroy has started occasionally having his own presence at RISC OS computer shows – when CJE Micro’s, the company for which he works, isn’t present. What he exhibits is a range […]


Expose your desktop for some BASIC tools

But cover up any private bits! In yet another BASIC-based initiative on the part of David Feugey’s RISC OS FR, a tailored edition of the latest Desktop Development Environment from RISC OS Open Ltd is on offer to people who want to get into BASIC programming, for the grand price tag of zero pounds, zero […]

Websites BBC BASIC contest winners announced

Everyone can win with BASIC, that’s the truth (yes, the truth). David Feugey, who runs French-language website, has announced the names of the two winners of the second BBC BASIC programming contest being run via the site.


Pip-sized Pico now available

Pint-sized would be, like, MASSIVE! Last year the BASIC programming language celebrated its 50th birthday, having first appeared (as Dartmouth BASIC) in 1964, and in May RISC OS Open Ltd joined in the celebrations by releasing RISC OS Pico for the Raspberry Pi.


RiscLua 5.70 revisited

More than a mouthful snippet! The September 22nd Snippets post included mention of an update to programming language RiscLua, bringing it up to version 5.70, which current developer Gavin Wraith announced in August. Gavin has since been in touch with a follow-up to his original announcement,

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 7th July 2013

Because breaking catching up is never easy… After falling behind with RISCOSitory updates late last year, I’ve been getting to the stage where I think I’ve almost caught back up, and then things get a little hectic and I fall behind again. I’ve therefore decided to resurrect the ‘snippets’ format to round up a few […]


MCPIO module released, Basalt updated

This is not the droid you’re looking for. Because it’s not a droid – it’s a module. Steve Drain has released version 0.20 of MCPIO, a small, specialised module to control the MCP23017 IIC expander ports on the Raspberry Pi, along with an updated version of Basalt with a new MCPIO keyword.


Basalt 1.42 beta released

Beta Basalt for a better BASIC. Steve Drain, developer of Basalt, has released a new version of the module. Short for BASIC Alternative keywords, Basalt is a module that adds many additional keywords and features to all versions of BBC BASIC V, the built in programming language included as part of the ROM (or ROM […]