Expose your desktop for some BASIC tools

But cover up any private bits! In yet another BASIC-based initiative on the part of David Feugey’s RISC OS FR, a tailored edition of the latest Desktop Development Environment from RISC OS Open Ltd is on offer to people who want to get into BASIC programming, for the grand price tag of zero pounds, zero […]


Snippets – 26th August, 2016

Round up, round up; news in a very late style. (That was what China Crisis sang, wasn’t it?) The bunker has been engulfed in chaos for quite a while – with a heavy workload leading to a period of hectic and frantic headless chicken impersonations. On top of that, a partial change of platforms has […]


RISC OS Fr launches Raspberry Pie contest

Despite the ‘e’ it is computer-related, and not some kind of Great British French Bake Off. Shortly before this year’s Wakefield Show David Feugey, the man behind RISC OS Fr, pre-announced an, er, announcement that would made on the morning of the show – and the announcement he pre-announced was indeed announced when he said […]


RISC OS FR: Ready for the surprise?

Announcement from David Feugey, 14th April, 2016. We are silent, but active: we refreshed almost all our web pages, switched to HTTPS, updated the list of RISC OS computers, posted our 1000th message on the RISC OS FR mailing list and received the prize of “Best foreign language resource” for the second time (thanks!).

Websites BBC BASIC contest winners announced

Everyone can win with BASIC, that’s the truth (yes, the truth). David Feugey, who runs French-language website, has announced the names of the two winners of the second BBC BASIC programming contest being run via the site.


Programming contest on RISC OS FR

Start singing programming for your supper Pi David Feugey, who hosts and serves up the French language website using a Raspberry Pi, has announced the site’s first programming contest – to write something in BBC BASIC, the programming language that is included in the ROM image of all versions of RISC OS, as well […]