Fight off that virus on RISC OS!

Well, in a game, anyway.

Rick Murray has found himself inspired by the pandemic that has had such a dramatic effect on all our lives, and written a game for people to while away those lockdown hours – Virus!

Rick Murray's Virus! - title screen
Rick Murray’s Virus! – title screen

The game pits you as a single white bloodcell, in amongst a number of red bloodcells – and some submicroscopic infectious agents – viruses! You must attack and eliminate those viruses, literally by directing yourself at them and striking them. They don’t die off immediately, though – it takes more than one strike – and you’ll find your impact transfers some energy to them.

Rick Murray's Virus! - in play
Rick Murray’s Virus! – in play

If a an uninfected red bloodcell comes into contact with a virus cell, it becomes infected – so you must also use the same trick, aiming for and striking the bloodcell, to try to cure it of the infection. Again, though, it takes more than one hit to succeed – and all the while, the infections within the bloodcell replicate: One becomes two, becomes three… until the bloodcell collapses and the three new viruses emerge.

When all of your red bloodcells are gone, your game is over.

The game features three levels, getting progressively difficult with more cells and viruses to contend with, and upon completing all three you are offered the chance to play again, but with things a touch harder, and then – should you survive that long – once again.

The game is available to download now from !Store.

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