Show report: Southwest 2019

It was the dawn of the third age of mankind second venue for the RISC OS Southwest Show Since its inception, each and every Southwest Show until this year’s had been held at the Webbington Hotel in Somerset – a grand total of twenty one shows, with twenty years between the first, which took place […]


Orpheus Internet is crowdfunding a DataCentre

The RISC OS friendly ISP needs the help of its RISC OS friends. At the start of last month, Orpheus Internet suffered an outage – on 1st July, the company’s servers became unreachable, apparently due to a network IP address issue. That day was a Sunday, of course – and Richard Brown reported on the […]


News nybble: RISC OS Southwest Show date revealed

The latest Icon Bar Interview was published this morning, featuring Orpheus Internet‘s Richard Brown as the interviewee. Richard, as everyone should know by now, teams up with R-Comp‘s Andrew Rawnsley to form the Dynamic Duo that organises the RISC OS Southwest Show – the first main RISC OS show in the calendar year. And in […]


Orpheus the company dissolved, Orpheus the ISP carries on

Standing firm on this stony ground1. It was brought to my attention via Twitter last night that Orpheus Internet Services Ltd – the company originally set up by Paul Vigay back in 2005 to take on the customers of ISP ArgoNET – has been dissolved by way of a compulsory strike-off. However, while that may […]


News nybble: Orpheus Internet new prices

Orpheus Internet, the very RISC OS-friendly ISP that was formed by the late Paul Vigay and now headed up by Richard Brown – one half of the Dynamic Duo that organises the Southwest Show – have announced that they now have new prices for ADSL and Fibre-to-the-Cabinet services. The company also provides off-site, secure backup […]

User groups

ARMX6 at ROUGOL in February

They are called to Mordor London … It won’t be long now. He will soon be ready. The RISC OS User Group of London‘s February meeting – which takes place on Monday, 16th February – is set to be an especially exciting one: It will feature a sneak preview of R-Comp‘s new computer.