RISCOScode down – but not out

The website may be gone, but the Twitter feed lives on! Some people may have noticed that the RISCOScode website has disappeared. During a brief discussion on comp.sys.acorn.misc, Chris Evans reported that the site’s owner, Martin Hansen, had made the decision to ‘retire’ the site in order to “free up time for other RISC OS […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 12th February, 2017

A last minute round-up before the bunker is sealed off for a few days! Later today, the RISCOSitory/Soft Rock Software bunker will be sealed and secured shut while I disappear into the middle of nowhere for my annual mid-February break. Hopefully, there will be no kind of apocalyptic event while I’m away, so the bunker […]


Get ready to vote in the 2013 RISC OS Awards

Celebrating the best of the RISC OS world! Picking up the baton from those who have carried out RISC OS awards polls in the past – the Acorn press of old, followed by the Drobe, Icon Bar and RISCOScode websites – RISCOSitory is pleased to announce that it is conducting an awards poll to cover […]


Voting now open for the RISCOScode Awards 2011

Something lacking from the tail end of last year was any kind of awards poll on any of the RISC OS news and information websites. Until its switch from active publishing to ‘archive’ mode, Drobe traditionally held an awards poll, and then The Icon Bar picked up the baton – until last year. This year, […]