DrWimpC App Builder 1.20 released

Announcement from Pete Miller, 9th January, 2014

DrWimpC App Builder 1.20 is available for download from the DrWimpC website.

This release contains various bug fixes and introduces several new features and updated, expanded StrongHelp documentation.

As a reminder, and for those who have not previously installed DrWimpC App Builder you need to download and install the latest versions of:

  • drwimpc/zip which contains the !DrWimpC application.
  • drwdef/zip which contains new versions of DrWimpC library including the shared library version libdrwlib32Gs/so/1/3/0 which is required to run !DrWimpC.
  • myole/zip if you need it for OLE sessions. This is for a bug fix to the DrWimpC OLE API.

The GCC 4 !SharedLibs resources are also required to run !DrWimpC which uses the GCC 4.1.2 shared libraries.

The new version uses the OSLib 7 header files so they must be available when compilations are done.

You will also require a external edit capable editor such as !StrongED or !Zap to edit C source files from !DrWimpC.

If you want to launch template edits from !DrWimpC you will also need a Template Editor such as !WinED (recommended).

For viewing the StrongHelp documentation please use version 2.87 (or later) of !StrongHelp.

There are also the optional elements – examples/zip containing sixteen short example programs, and if you don’t want to use the GCC shared library versions, the exampesroolcrunimages/zip containing !RunImage files for the examples compiled for use with the ROOL Shared C library. (!DrWimpC also contains a !RunImage for use with the ROOL shared C library in the !DrWimpC.ROOLCRunImage sub directory).

Summary of Changes to this version:

  • Updated and expanded DrWimpC Functional API StrongHelp manual Part 1 which includes documentation on useful DrWimpC library functions and several articles on using DrWimpC App Builder including, Adding Application Help, Compiling Linking and Distributing DrWimpC applications, The new URL launcher library and Using Pane Windows in DrWimpC, etc.
  • The F1 key is used to display Help information. This facility is integrated into DrWimpC library, allowing applications to output *StrongHelp help commands, or display a text file.
  • Fixed a bug in the DrWimpC library¬ís own dynamic memory heap manager which was causing occasional crashes during a compilation process invoked from !DrWimpC. I now consider it safe enough for applications to use so it is documented in the StrongHelp.

New features added:

  • Veneer functions for an OS_Heap memory allocator.
  • A single new function to write syslog messages.
  • A URL launcher library which is supplied with full source code and some HTML explanatory notes.
  • The template functions Handlers menu now have categories and function names ticked when the function type is present for a window/icon.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a new bug in the OLE facility introduced because scrap file names were reused incorrectly in the previous version.
  • Fixed a bug in the Defined Menu function handler. This also fixes the menu handling in the !DrWimpC Shortcuts window.
  • The Distribution window can now handle resources external to the application being distributed. See the StrongHelp Manual for details.
  • Fixed a bug in the Data Save handler that caused a corrupt byte to occur in the middle of the derived file type string.
  • Improved the Template function header file generator, and the compiler make file generator, corrected the !DrWimpC dcdatamsgs file.
  • Introduced a new Link Name facility to make Template Object Libraries more useful. Applications can override or replace template functions in a Template function library. (Described in the new Template Functions Introduction StrongHelp manual).
  • Fixed minor bugs in the Defined Menu colour dialogue and View menu option and handler naming facility..
  • The Temporary header file definitions in DRW/drwTemph have been placed into the main header file drwwh.h.

I’ve done a successful test download and install onto my Raspberry Pi, so please let me know if you have any problems with the download and install.


Pete Miller.

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