Snippets – 31st December, 2022

A collection of news for 2022 not already covered on RISCOSitory 2022 is about to draw to a close, so it’s time to cast one last eye over the various forums etc., to look for things that haven’t found their way onto these pages already.

Desktop Modernisation Engine comes to ROUGOL – 18th July

If you come to RISC OS from another platform, or use any alongside it, you will know there are many features on those other platforms that are lacking on RISC OS. Some of those features can actually be quite useful, and would be beneficial to have, not least for the benefit of people trying RISC for the first time, so that they are more comfortable using it.

Snippets – 1st January, 2021

A final round up of 2020 news that hasn’t found its way to RISCOSitory before I was aiming to get this final round up of news posted on the last day of 2020, but as ever other things got in the way, so what was intended as the last post of 2020 has become the first post of 2021. Still, never mind, better late than never – which should probably be the official motto here in the RISCOSitory bunker!

News nybble: Some ‘housekeeping’ updates from Steve Fryatt

In order to facilitate the recent update to Launcher, Steve Fryatt made some changes to his Wimp library – and because of that changing, he has recompiled his C-based applications. This, he says, was mainly to ensure that the published source code will still build with the library, but does note that as a side benefit, they may benefit from other small improvements to the library – although in theory, mostly only in terms of stability. The updated applications, all of which can be found on Steve’s website or obtained…

Elesar musters up Debian Buster – a new Linux build for Titanium

As well as RISC OS, Titanium owners have had the option of using Linux on their system since the motherboard’s launch; it could be purchased from Elesar Ltd bundled with either RISC OS or Linux – and since April 2016, owners of the RISC OS version have had the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds; a RISC OS-based Titanium that could launch from RISC OS into Linux via the GoLinux application.