Steve Fryatt launches Launcher to the wider world

Well, the wider RISC OS world, anyway!

Initially available at the Wakefield Show as part of his CD software collection, proceeds from which go to a good cause, it is now possible to download Steve Fryatt’s, erm, application launcher application, Launcher! The software can be downloaded either from Steve’s own website, or via !Store.

When run, the launcher application sits snugly down the side of the desktop, and offers a palette of shortcuts from which applications can be started. It slides neatly out of the way when not in use, with just a click of the mouse bringing it fully back into view.

Steve has been using the software on his own machine for some sixteen years, but it has never been released until now – largely a result of people spotting it at shows and user group meetings, and enquiring about it.

The application is licensed under the EU Public Licence, with full source code available as a separate download.

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