Launcher goes up – to 1.10

Steve Fryatt has released an update to Launcher, an application that provides a neat shortcut solution to running applications and other files. The program places panels at the side of the desktop, which can be opened to access the various shortcuts that have been configured for use from them.

Version 1.10 offers the following improvements:

  • It’s now possible to have Launcher open panels when the mouse is moved over them, instead of clicking, subject to a configurable delay. i.e. the mouse has to remain over the panel for that amount of time, rather than have them sliding open immediately, to avoid the panels opening and closing if the mouse is accidentally moved over them. Until configured otherwise, this feature is switched off – clicking is the default.
  • The application now takes a more intelligent approach to how things are launched; Applications are passed to the StartDesktopTask star command as before, but files are now passed to the Filer_Run command, and directories to Filer_OpenDir.
  • There is now better support for selecting which sprites to use for files and directories.
  • While the application still only comes with English resources, it now has better support for internationalisation.

The application is Open Source, released under the EUPL, and can be downloaded either from Steve’s website (link above) or from !Store.

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