New from Sine Nomine at Wakefield

In my preview of the Wakefield Show, which is looming ever closer as I type this, I mentioned that Sine Nomine will have a new version of puzzle game Wrangler available, and were expecting to have new versions of RiscOSM and, possibly, other products from their range. Sine Nomine’s Matthew Phillips has now been in touch to confirm exactly what they will have – rather than just expect to have. In short, the Durham Duo will be releasing several updates to their range at the event, so here’s the low-down on those updates:

TetraCross game example, taken from Wrangler's manual
TetraCross game example, taken from Wrangler’s manual

To recap the one definite release mentioned in that preview, Wrangler is a mathematical puzzle application that features a number of different puzzle types, and that number will increase by two with Saturday’s new version. The software allows you to input your own puzzles (which is a handy way to work on puzzles printed in newspapers and magazines, without having to cross or rub out incorrect plays when you make a mistake) or generate them for you.

There will be a new version of Impact, the relational database package, featuring a greatly enhanced import tool. This should make simplify the process of bringing in records sourced or created elsewhere – whether that’s into an existing database, or for the purpose of kicking off a new one.

For the last few years, the headline application for Sine Nomine has been RiscOSM, a mapping application that uses data from OpenStreetMap. The Wakefield Show will see a new version with improved path editing and a significant new feature in the ability to draw maps at different orientation, instead of with North always at the top. With Chris Hall on the next stand, showing off the latest iteration of his GPS-equipped Pi and his SatNav software, I have no doubt this feature was borne with that in mind.

Finally, and directly related to RiscOSM, there will be freshly converted (and therefore up to date) map data available to purchase on either SD cards or USB sticks – and there will be a discount on the price of these if you return SD cards previously supplied by Sine Nomine when you buy the new data.

For those not coming along to Wakefield I suggest you spend all of Saturday standing in the naughty corner – and after that, Matthew tells me Sine Nomine hopes to start putting the new releases on their website in the week following the show.

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