Sine Nomine Software at the London Show

Announcement from Matthew Phillips, 21st October, 2014.

Sine Nomine Software will be attending the London Show on Saturday, with the usual range of software:

  • Impact, the relational database, and ImpEmail, the mail-merging e-mail sender which now supports attachments.
  • Puzzles and games: Wrangler, SuperDoku and House of Cards
  • RiscOSM – OpenStreetMap for RISC OS.

We will have a new release of RiscOSM available which now includes postcode support for Great Britain, and probably a few other new features too. We will have freshly updated map data for the British Isles available on CD.

We are busy converting a selection of map data for other countries, including Australasia/Oceania, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. (I am afraid France and Germany are not available, as the source files are too large for OSMConvert to cope with at present. Aside from those countries, if anyone has any special requests, please get in touch.)

Because these datasets do not all fit on our current web site, we will be doing a special service at the Show. Bring along your own memory stick or SD card and we will copy as many of the datasets as you wish onto your device, free of charge. Alternatively we can take orders for delivery on CD after the show.

I will be doing a talk in the Show Theatre which will concentrate on RiscOSM. From experience at the Wakefield Show it was hard to do a full demo on the stand, so if you want to see in detail what you can do with open map data on RISC OS, look out for the theatre slot. Whether you already have RiscOSM or not, there will be new things to see, and I would very much appreciate hearing from users about their experiences so far with the software.

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