Webgen2 version 2.46

Gallery generation in a jiffy!

Webgen2 is a piece of software written by Dave Stratford to generate a website or image gallery when fed a folder of images, such as JPEGs taken from a digital camera. Featuring a comprehensive set of options for the design of the pages it creates, the application can produce three basic types of site:

  1. A single index page containing only thumbnails of the images
  2. A single index page containing thumbnails, each linking to a separate page containing the larger version of the respective images.
  3. A Javascript based page displaying the thumbnails, which displays the larger versions of each image whenever the mouse pointer is moved over the thumbnail.

Last week, Dave released an update to the software. Version 2.46, according to the programmer, “fixes a couple of minor buggettes that crawled out of the woodwork over the last few years, but I’ve also added in a completely new set of options so that the index file can be made ‘prettier’.”

The application’s Help file includes a history section, which is a little more revealing. For version 2.46, it says:

  • Make some minor changes prior to implementing an XHTML option
  • Fix a floating <p> generated by the site description routine
  • Fix a couple of errors in the CSS generation
  • Correct minor error in the ‘Go away’ html pages
  • Correct minor typo in default meta tags
  • Add ‘%20’ to links when image file name contains a space
  • Fix some link naming issues discovered when implementing previous change
  • Add extra cross validation to and from index page layout window

Dave, who is also known for the All Sorted programming series that appears in Paul Stewart’s Drag ‘n Drop magazine, added that “All the code generated is as close as possible to the W3C’s HTML standards, and should validate to 4.01 strict. The CSS also validates to CSS 3 standards, though actually there’s no CSS 3 specific gumph in there.”

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