Sine Nomine Software at the Southwest Show for the first time

Finding the Webbington Hotel – a true test of Sine Nomine’s RiscOSM!

This year’s Southwest Show, which takes place on Saturday, 21st February, will see Sine Nomine Software making their debut appearance at this event – regular exhibitors at other shows, Durham-based couple Matthew and Hilary Phillips have never before attended this one.

The couple will be selling all of their usual software, from games such as SuperDoku and Wrangler, to versatile database Impact – and, of course, their newest product, mapping application RiscOSM, first launched last year at Wakefield, and voted best commercial product in the 2014 RISC OS Awards.

In his presentation at the London Show last year, Matthew explained that Hilary – the application’s developer – had started adding facilities to allow routes and tracks to be drawn in the software, but was yet to complete that aspect; most notably, routes drawn in RiscOSM could not be saved.

That situation has now changed.

A new version of RiscOSM will be available at the show, and this version features enhancements to the pins and tracks facilities – which is what allows users to overlay maps with tracks imported from GPS devices, place pins, locate photographs, and draw routes. Specifically, users can now edit and save all of these features, as well export them as GPX files so that they can be loaded into GPS devices.

As well as a new version, the software is also being provided on a new medium. Previously, the software was available as a download or on CD, but customers at Saturday’s show will also be able to purchase it on SD card, making it more convenient for users who are running RISC OS on newer systems. Another benefit of supplying it on SD card is the increased capacity over CDs, which means the software can be shipped with more maps – in this case as well as the British Isles, that means the whole of France and the Netherlands.

The new version is expected to appear on Sine Nomine’s website a few days after the show.

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