News nybble: It’s five past two for CPUClock

No, wait, that’s 2.05, a version number – not 2:05, a time!

Chris Johnson has – apparently belatedly – announced the release of CPUClock (mirror) version 2.05, an small application that can display the speed and temperature of the CPU, as well as offer some control, such as reducing the clock speed if the temperature reaches a trigger value. According to Chris, the core functionality hasn’t changed in the new version, but it benefits from the availability of more details on the CPU status, and any control of its speed.

Note that the software is only of use on modern hardware, which provides the facilities to read and set the speed, and read the temperature – that means platforms such as the BeagleBoard, Pandaboard, IGEPv5, Titanium, and Raspberry Pi.  Neither older hardware nor emulated solutions are supported.

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