News nybble: New RTC and CMOS RAM module variant for RiscPC from CJE Micro’s

CJE Micro’s is a good source of RTC solutions for computers new and old, and the company has now added a new variant to their range for older computers – specifically, RiscPCs. This one, costing £28.00, plugs into the RiscPC’s POST pins for power and earth – useful if damage to the RTC circuitry (due […]


Acorn World exhibition in Cambridge – 8th and 9th September

The Centre for Computing History, a computing museum based in Cambridge, will be playing host to an event this coming weekend that should be of interest to any and all fans of Acorn Computers: Acorn World 2018. Organised by the Acorn and BBC User Group (ABUG) in association with the museum, the event will run […]


News nybble: RPCEmu 0.9.0 sneaked out

A new version of RPCEmu was pushed out early last month, featuring two significant changes leading to its version number jumping from 0.8.15 to 0.9.0. Those changes – for which test versions have been available for a while – are the shift from the Allegro 4 library to the Qt5 library (which enabled Chris Gransden […]


News nybble: Mate your RiscPC with a Raspberry Pi

Andy Marks has posted a sneak peak picture to the RISCOSBits Twitter account, along with the hashtag #neverbeforeseen – but what the picture clearly shows is the box that the humble Raspberry Pi is usually supplied in, which is something that just about everyone interested in these things has seen. The picture, he says, is […]

User groups

From RiscPC to Raspberry Pi at the September WROCC meeting

Yet more attention for the RiscPC, which really only wanted to celebrate quietly, with family and close friends. With the RiscPC having celebrated its 20th birthday earlier this year, the next meeting of the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club will feature Peter Richmond taking a look back at some of the hardware expansion options that […]


How much cake does it take to make a RiscPC

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 25th April, 2014. As we hope you all know, the RiscPC is 20 years old this month… and there’s a RISC OS show in Wakefield! So, how do you celebrate a birthday like that? Why, CAKE, of course!


RiscPC 20th birthday RISCube offer

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd April, 2014. With the RiscPC now being 20 years old, we thought it would be nice to run a bit of a fun offer with this in mind. Our RISCube range of computers – details (somewhat out-of-date, due to not having enough hours in the day) at www.riscube.co.uk – make excellent […]


Happy birthday, RiscPC- you’re 20 years old today!

And, for many people, you’re still going strong. The RiscPC was the most powerful computer Acorn ever put into production, and it was officially launched twenty years ago today, on Friday, 15th April, 1994. according to Acorn’s April 1994 Developers’ Newsletter and the date of their announcement on usenet. RISCOSitory takes a look back over […]


RiscPC 20th anniversary software sale

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 10th April, 2014. April 15th represents the 20th birthday of Acorn’s RiscPC computer, launched back in 19941. The RiscPC was an iconic machine for all of us, and was ultimately the pinnacle of Acorn’s computer technology, surpassed only by the unreleased Phoebe.


Charmed, I’m sure

Peter Nowasad of Qubit Consultancy Ltd has announced the availability of version 2.1 of Charm, described as a free, simple to learn yet powerful high level language with a compiler that generates efficient code with a small memory footprint. Aimed in particular at the RiscPC or an emulator such as RPCEmu, the software comes with […]