More graphics ditties running on a Pi find their way onto YouTube

Richard Ashbery has put together another video demonstrating a selection of graphics programs written in BBC BASIC and running on RISC OS on a Raspberry Pi.

The graphics programs themselves have been sourced from multiple locations, targeting different platforms – most notably, the Creative Retro Coding – 1000 Tweet Gallery page. The beauty of this site is not only what the programs are running on, but how they get there – they are submitted on Twitter – and automagically run on an emulation of a BBC Micro. The system replies to your tweet with an animated GIF of the result of running your program.1

Running them on the Raspberry Pi, Richard has adapted the code as necessary to benefit from the higher resolution and colour depths available, recorded the video output, with the results compiled into the video.


  1. The basic rule on RISCOSitory is that for something to be covered on this site, it generally has to be for or about RISC OS in some way – which the BBC Micro Bot website, and the process of submitting programs via Twitter, sadly isn’t. I’ve wanted to find an excuse to mention it here for a long time – and thanks to Richard, I now have!

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