PackMan now compatible with Raspberry Pi 3

Alan Buckley has released a new version of PackMan, a package manager designed to work with packages distributed via the RISC OS Packaging Project. The main reason for the update is compatibility with the Raspberry Pi 3 – although an existing bug has also been squashed, whereby it wasn’t possible to exit the application when first run without installing the ‘Packages’ directory.

PackMan update and test of drag and drop installation

Drag and not-drop added, not-drop not dropped, but drag and real-drop added. Sort of. In May, Alan Buckley released an update to PackMan, his alternative package manager to RiscPkg for downloading and installing RISC OS applications and other resources. Since then, he has also released a test application which shows a proof of concept of how drag and drop installation might work in future versions of PackMan, asking for feedback on the idea.

PackMan 0.7-3 beta available

¬†Moving instead of stubbing? Maybe it’s time to stop snubbing! The end of November saw the release of a new version of PackMan, an alternative package manager to RiscPkg for downloading and installing software for RISC OS computer systems that has been packaged and distributed using the RISC OS Packaging Project. Packaging on RISC OS has been a contentious issue since it was first introduced, with valid arguments for its use being presented by its proponents, and equally valid arguments, frequently about the implementation above all else, being presented by…

SprEdit by Richard Swetman reviewed

Does anyone remember the excellent bitmap editing program ProArtisan 24 from Clares? Richard Swetman has written a simple bitmap editor program called SprEdit which performs some impressive sprite operations. The application can be installed via Packman, or directly from Richard Swetman’s website, where Richard has also provided some useful 256 colour test sprites – scroll down to section (m) under the Graphics heading.

Snippets – 9th January, 2022

A roundup of 2021 news and releases not already covered on RISCOSitory With 2021 now behind us, the time has come for one final round up of news that hasn’t already found its way onto onto these pages – although this time, in fact, it’s the only round up of such news for 2021; for 2020, a snippets post appeared half way through the year and then another just after the year ended – but no earlier post has been compiled for 2021.