PackMan package manager 0.8.1 beta released

Announcement from Alan Buckley, 26th March, 2014.

PackMan version 0.8.1 beta is now available.

New to this version:

  • Module checking. If an existing RISC OS module has already been installed that matches the module in a package, PackMan will use existing module to fulfill the request for the package and update its database to reflect the found version.
  • Easier first install experience. PackMan now marks itself installed in the location it’s first run and uses its own copy of the SharedUnixLibrary if one isn’t already installed. It will also prompt if you want to update the package lists on this first run.
  • Info window has been improved to show components and can be accessed by double clicking on a package.
  • Fixed documentation that was not referring correctly to the components which were added in the last release.
  • Added links to documentation on new features in PackMan that have not been added to RiscPkg.
  • An assortment of minor bug fixes and UI improvements (see the history page in the help for details).

If you already have a previous version of PackMan or RiscPkg installed you can install it or upgrade it from either of these programs, otherwise go to the PackMan web page for download and installation instructions.

PackMan is a package manager front end for packages distributed using the RISC OS Packaging Project.

It can be used instead of or alongside RiscPkg.

Its features include:

  • Summary and detailed description of the packages.
  • Filters to allow display of packages for a specific category, what’s installed, what’s new or upgrades to already installed packages.
  • Search for a package.
  • Single buttons to start an install, upgrade or removal of a package.
  • Menu option to upgrade all your packages at once.
  • Automatically install dependencies for you, always showing what is going to be installed.
  • Install multiple packages at once.
  • Install the components from (non fixed location) packages where you want (subject to a package upgrade that is ongoing). Older (non fixed location) packages can be moved after install.

System requirements

  • RISC OS 4.0 or greater with long filenames.
  • Internet connection for downloading packages.

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