PrintPDF update makes developers API

Steve Fryatt has released a new version of PrintPDF, with a new facility that can be used by developers of other applications.

The software is itself a front-end for GhostScript, and helps make the production of PDF files from a user’s documents very easy. With both installed, the user gains the ability to direct their printing to a PDF file instead of a physical printer – so any application that can print can be used to produce PDF files. Support is also provided for adding bookmarks to the resulting file, as well as document information – and joining a number of print jobs into a single file.

The newly released version 1.20 adds an application programmer interface (API) that can be used by other applications via Wimp User Messages, and allows them to produce PDFs in a more automated manner. The first application to make use of this facility is Sine Nomine’s ImpEmail, making it possible to send a series of emails with personalised PDF files attached.

Steve has offered his thanks to Sine Nomine’s Matthew Phillips who not only suggested the idea in the first place, but also supplied a lot of the code needed to implement it.

The EUPL 1.2 licenced PrintPDF can be downloaded directly from Steve’s website, or via !Store or PackMan (from the RISC OS Open repository, and the source code can be found on GitHub.

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