Murnong 2.32 released

Keeping up with the Joneses YouTube Wget Murnong, Christopher Martin’s application for downloading YouTube videos, has been updated to version 2.32. The software is designed to parse web pages fed to it that have been saved from YouTube, Google’s video sharing website, so that the address of the embedded video can be established. Once it’s […]


Murnong updated to version 2.31

Keeping up with the Joneses YouTube. Christopher Martin has released two updates to Murnong, bringing the current version number up to 2.31 Murnong is an application designed to parse web pages passed to it that have been saved from YouTube, with the goal of working out the address of the embedded video. It then launches […]


Murnong 2.20, 2.21 released

I love the smell of videos in the murnong! Christopher Martin recently updated Murnong first to version 2.20 and then, the following day, to version 2.21. Murnong is an application that, given a page that has been saved from YouTube, will process the page to work out the address of the embedded video, and launch […]

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RTMPDump comes to RISC OS

Got the hump that streaming gives RISC OS the bump? Get RTMPDump! RTMPDump is a command line tool for fetching RTMP streams and saving them to a local drive, which nicely complements FFmpeg and FFplay – so it is perhaps no surprise that version 2.3 of the software has been ported to RISC OS (as […]


FFplay speed boost

Smooth moves for the movies. FFplay, the simple media player closely associated with FFmpeg, has been updated. The version number remains at 1.23, and Christopher Martin, who has been working on both, describes the update as a minor one. A minor update which increases the player’s speed by up to 10%, with particular benefit to […]


FFmpeg and FFplay updates

Movie magic! Development of FFmpeg and FFplay continues, with Christopher Martin having released version 1.23 of these applications a few days before this year’s Wakefield show. FFmpeg is a versatile, open source, multi-platform video and audio converter, described as “the leading multimedia framework, able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play pretty […]