Currency fixed to recognise October

And a hints and tip video for overcoming a line length limitation

A new version of Currency by Kevin Wells can now be downloaded. The application provides a RISC OS-friendly way to carry out various currency-related look-ups via remote services.

One of the facilities it offers is to check current exchange rates, and related to that it can also obtain historical data – and this turned out to have a bug relating to October. Specifically, a mis-typed variable name meant that month being included in the data was triggering an error. Version 2.03 addresses this.

To use Currency you’ll need an active internet connection and Wget installed on your computer. The program uses that to request information from API Layer and World Bank.

Kevin has also produced a third of his simple hints and tips videos, that show his approach to programming on RISC OS, which he does in BASIC using Dr Wimp. He notes that there may be better ways to do the things he does, but these methods work for him.

In this case he’s looking at how to execute long commands from within BASIC, where the line that issues the command is too long. With BBC BASIC having a limit of just over 250 bytes for its lines, generating and executing a command line (which is an example problem Kevin specifically has to overcome, and the one used in his video) can be difficult if that command line is too long.

If you find any of Kevin’s software or videos useful, why not consider rewarding him for it by buying some merchandise or with a small contribution.

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