You’ve heard of ARM’s big:LITTLE? CJE Micro’s has now moved to bigger premises in LITTLEhampton The little shop with a lot of stock is now a slightly bigger shop with a lot of stock. CJE Micro’s has moved from its previous home in Worthing, where it has been for over thirty six years to new, […]


News nybble: CJE Micro’s and 4D at the Wakefield Show

Having missed this year’s Southwest Show, CJE Micro’s (and 4D) – the little shop with a lot of stock – will be exhibiting at the Wakefield Show on Saturday, 27th April, with their usual wide selection of items from their catalogue, including a number of new products. There will be small displays with multiple inputs, […]


News nybble: Two headed KVM switch from CJE Micro’s

If you have computers that provide two display outputs, such as anything based on the Titanium motherboard, CJE Micro’s can now supply you with a KVM switcher (a device that allows keyboard, video, and mouse to be shared amongst multiple computers) that is capable of supporting such machines. These are, according to the company, normally […]


News nybble: New RTC and CMOS RAM module variant for RiscPC from CJE Micro’s

CJE Micro’s is a good source of RTC solutions for computers new and old, and the company has now added a new variant to their range for older computers – specifically, RiscPCs. This one, costing £28.00, plugs into the RiscPC’s POST pins for power and earth – useful if damage to the RTC circuitry (due […]


News nybble: RISC OS compatible presentation mouse available from CJE Micro’s

Providing Chris Evans with the ideal excuse to use slides in his presentations at RISC OS shows in order to demonstrate it in use, CJE Micro’s – his own company – now has a remote presentation mouse/laser pointer available, complete with RISC OS software, set up file, and instructions. The device, priced at £19.00, is […]


News nybble: IDE Interface Mini Podule now available from CJE Micro’s

In October CJE Micro’s launched a ZIDEFS full size podule, and this year they are following it with a mini podule version, suitable for Archimedes A3000, A3010, A3020, or A4000, and providing the machine with a 44-pin connection for rotating drives, Compact Flash card, or SD card. With support for up to four partitions, and […]


News nybble: Time to update your phone book entries for CJE Micro’s

If you have CJE Micro’s old number (ending 666, which I’d make a joke out of if this was a full post), it’s time to replace it with the correct one – (0)1903 523 222 – which has been their main number for some time. The line carrying the old number will shortly be disconnected. […]


News nybble: 4D now supplying 7″ and 10″ monitors with HDMI input

4D – the entity that shares space in the TARDIS with CJE Micro’s – is now offering 7″ and 10.” LCD monitors that feature multiple inputs, including HDMI, making them suitable for use in tight spots with small computers such as the Raspberry Pi. The combination of such a monitor, a Pi, and a small […]