Murnong 2.32 released

Keeping up with the Joneses YouTube Wget

Murnong, Christopher Martin’s application for downloading YouTube videos, has been updated to version 2.32.

The software is designed to parse web pages fed to it that have been saved from YouTube, Google’s video sharing website, so that the address of the embedded video can be established. Once it’s done that, it launches Wget to download the file so that it can be played with FFplay or converted with FFmpeg – both of which have been ported to RISC OS by Christopher.

Murnong is described by Christopher as a “perpetual work-in-progress” because whenever changes are made to the way YouTube is organised, those changes are likely to prevent the application from working until it is updated to match, and Christopher’s most recent updates covered just such a change.

This latest update was similarly triggered by external changes – but this time not by YouTube; it seems Wget was updated to version 1.13 in July 2012, a change that brought with it an increased memory requirement, so Murnong’s scripts have been adjusted accordingly.

Christopher points out that there is no functional difference between Murnong versions 2.31 and 2.32 – the only change is to allow his software to work with Wget 1.13, so if you are using Murnong 2.31 with Wget 1.12, there is no need to upgrade.



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