Murnong 2.20, 2.21 released

I love the smell of videos in the murnong!

Christopher Martin recently updated Murnong first to version 2.20 and then, the following day, to version 2.21.

Murnong is an application that, given a page that has been saved from YouTube, will process the page to work out the address of the embedded video, and launch wget to download it so that it can be played/converted with FFplay/FFmpeg (ported to RISC OS by Christopher) – thus allowing RISC OS users to enjoy the content of Google’s video sharing website, albeit in a more roundabout way than users of other operating systems.

Version 2.20 brought with it an increase in the length of the “format selection list” to sixteen items, and allowed a little more information about each to be supplied. Version 2.21 filters out the “sig” field from that list – a field recently added by YouTube for its Flash player, but which is meaningless to humans.

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