Southwest Show gains three more exhibitors

Previously only provisional, presence now, er, confirmed. With the Southwest Show fast approaching – it’s set to take place on the 21st February, just two weeks from today – organisers R-Comp Interactive and Orpheus Internet have been able to confirm the attendance of three more exhibitors:


New version of alternative help app floats into view

No helium, hydrogen or hot air required. Steve Fryatt has released a new version of Floating Help, aka Float, bringing the application up to version 1.00 – its first ‘full’ release. A test build of the software earlier in the month aside, this is the first update to the software since 2003, when version 0.36 […]


Tokenize – a cross platform BBC BASIC tokeniser

Announcement from Steve Fryatt, 21st May, 2014. After several months of development and discussions in comp.sys.acorn.programmer, I’m pleased to formally announce the existence of Tokenize: a cross-platform tokeniser for BBC1 BASIC V and VI.


BASIC software archaeology

Announcement from Steve Fryatt, 21st May, 2014. In recent months I’ve been on something of a source code rescue mission, with the aim of getting all of the “non-ARMv7” software on my website into a state where it can be built and maintained again. Most of the “lost” titles were written in BASIC


At last… Updated, Re-licensed and ARMv7-aware

Announcement from Steve Fryatt, 2nd February 2014 I’m pleased to announce that after about six month’s of inaction I have finally got around to properly releasing various pieces of software which have been hanging around as test builds on my website. I’m taking the lack of feedback as assurance that they have no lingering bugs… […]


Module updates from Steve Fryatt

If the Cybermen threatened to “backspace” it just wouldn’t seem as bad! In a post on the RISC OS Open forums in July, Steve Fryatt explained that he has updated several old modules. The purpose of the updates was, to start with, to make them more maintainable. They were originally assembled using Darren Salt’s ExtBasAsm […]


PrintPDF, CashBook updated, build tools released

Now have their innards on display The day before the recent London Show, Steve Fryatt, who was unable to exhibit at the show, announced updates to two pieces of software – PrintPDF and CashBook – and a change to his choice of licence for the software.