Introducing Scoggy – your new RISC OS friend

This year, RISC OS Direct made its first appearance at the Southwest Show. A distribution of the operating system with more in the disc image than the standard offering found on the RISC OS Open Ltd website and in the Raspberry Pi NOOBS distribution, this version has an initial set up that is much friendlier […]

User groups

ROUGOL looks at RISC OS Direct – Monday, 16th March

Although it’s really aimed at new users, anyone can download and use it, so With the launch of the new distribution of RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi, called RISC OS Direct, existing users of the operating system may be wondering what’s in it and whether or not they should consider switching to it for […]


Southwest Show – final round up of pre-show news

As the countdown until this year’s Southwest Show ticks over into the final twenty four hours – the show takes place tomorrow, Saturday, 22nd February at the Arnos Manor Hotel in Bristol – a few press releases and announcements have found their way to me. I can’t spend any real time crafting individual articles this […]