Something new from Steve Fryatt at Wakefield

Well, when I say new…

Steve Fryatt will once again be attending the Wakefield Show this coming Saturday, at which lucky attendees will be able to purchase his collection of RISC OS software on a flat shiny disc in exchange for a crisp fiver. The CD contains a wealth of software, with – probably – something for everyone:

If you’re looking for something to look after your personal finances, grumpy home accounts package CashBook will fit the bill. If you have a need to publish documents produced by RISC OS applications in a platform independent, single document format, then look no further than PrintPDF and the associated PS2Paper. Perhaps you need an easy way to search for a particular file? that’s Locate!

As well as larger applications, there are also small utilities to help make the RISC OS desktop environment a little more productive, such as IcnClipBrd – a module that was originally written by Thomas Leonard to make the global clipboard usable with writable icons, subsequently made 32-bit compatible by Steve. You can change the behaviour of the Delete, End (Copy) and Home keys with PC Keyboard, either to make them behave more consistently as they do on PCs in applications that don’t follow that standard, or to make them behave the way they used to on RISC OS.

There are also a selection of simple desktop games on the CD, including (Noughts and) Crosses, Hangman, Master(mind), Solitaire, and more.

And in time for the Wakefield Show, Steve says there will be something ‘new’ on the CD – well, when I say new, he’s actually been using it on his own computer for some sixteen years, including those he’s brought along to shows. Someone spotted it running on his computer at last year’s show, and now it’s being released!

The proceeds from sales of the CD will be heading in the direction of the British Heart Foundation, and for those who wish to put money to that good cause, but who aren’t interested in having the software in that format (perhaps you prefer to download it from Steve’s website, or you have to obtain it that way because you lack CD-ROM drive) he will happily accept donations.

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