Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the RiscPC with ROUGOL

A RiscPC promotional picture

It seems like only ten years ago that the RiscPC turned twenty years old, and there was an article posted here to commemorate the event, and we even had cake and celebrated at that year’s Wakefield Show – and that’s because it was only ten years ago! If you move forward ten years from that, you of course reach thirty, so it’s worth remembering the machine once again.

However, the thirtieth anniversary of the computer’s launch – on 15th April – just happens to fall on the same day that the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) will hold their regularly scheduled meeting this month; it happens to be the third Monday. So with that in mind, the group has decided to use the meeting to celebrate the computer once again.

There isn’t going to be a set agenda for the meeting, and nobody will be giving an in-depth talk about the ins and outs of the iconic computer. Instead the meeting will go the way those in attendance take it, whether that’s reminiscing about what they’ve done with the machine, celebrating its legacy, or whinging about its failings – and perhaps you fit into both schools, and while you once thought it was a superb piece of kit, you later found it too limiting – it’s all good.

Come along to the meeting – either in person – or online, and share your memories, while raising a glass. Although if you raise a glass at the pub, watch you don’t spill it, because there will be a RiscPC there for people to play with – and you are welcome to bring your own kit to the party as well.

If you plan to attend in person (which is the group’s preferred option, because better numbers helps to keep the room available) the meeting will officially start at 7:45pm on Monday, 15th April, at:

The Duke of Sussex pub,
(Usually upstairs in either the Chichester or Petworth room),
23 Baylis Road,
SE1 7AY.

The pub is located very close to Waterloo Station, so easy to get to by public transport, and if coming by car there is parking outside on Coral Street – there are directions for either method on the ROUGOL website.

If you can’t make it to the pub, the other option is to join using Zoom. For this, you’ll need the meeting credentials, which are unchanged from previous meetings, so you should have them if you’ve attended any before – if not, simply contact ROUGOL in plenty of time.

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