RiscPC 20th birthday RISCube offer

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd April, 2014.

With the RiscPC now being 20 years old, we thought it would be nice to run a bit of a fun offer with this in mind.

Our RISCube range of computers – details (somewhat out-of-date, due to not having enough hours in the day) at www.riscube.co.uk – make excellent RiscPC replacements due to almost 100% software compatibility. This lessens the upgrade curve when moving from older hardware, as favourite programs continue to work as they always have.

So, we thought, why not offer up to 20% (1% per year) off to RiscPC owners? That could amount to a sizeable saving! Basically, what we’d like customers to do is dig out old receipts, and for every year you’ve owned your RiscPC, we’ll knock off 1%. If you can’t find your receipt, we’ll split the difference and call it 10%. We’re not even asking you to trade in your old friend (although they can be useful for parts) as that seems a touch miserly, and not in the spirit of the birthday.

Note that we can’t offer this in combination with any other promotion, as this is (potentially) a massive saving. The offer will be available until the May bank holiday, although after that you can always ask 🙂

If you’re looking to upgrade, or perhaps replace an old computer (e.g. due to the end of life of Windows XP), this makes the ideal opportunity to get a great deal on our best selling computers.

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