New Year sales hit !Store

With no need to leave your desk and form an orderly queue! R-Comp‘s Andrew Rawnsley has just announced that there will be a !Store New Year sale, with a variety of items offered at a discounted price via the software shopping application – a selection that will change as the sale progresses, so it’s important […]


Impression-X on !Store and in Holland

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 5th May, 2015. We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Impression-X is now available via !Store. Please look for !Store in your Apps folder on your icon bar, or go to to download it for free1.


R-Comp !Store Collection CD available at Wakefield Show

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd April, 2015. We are pleased to announce that the “R-Comp !Store Collection 2015″ CD will be released at the Wakefield Show. The Collection contains our download-only releases from 2014-2015 including the likes of DeleGate, DeskEdit Suite, PhotoFix, ChartWell/DPGraphs Suite, Wimp Programming Suite and more.


Wimp Programming Suite for RISC OS released

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd April, 2015. We are pleased to announce another new !Store digital release – the Wimp Programming Suite, for just £9.99. Designed as a useful suite of software and documentation for desktop programmers of novice to fairly advanced level, the Suite is available now.


!Store 1.20 released with version history, special offer and other features

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 11th April, 2014. We are pleased to announce that !Store version 1.20 is now available. Existing copies of !Store should update automatically. The new version adds a lot of extra functionality, both for users and suppliers, so there’s plenty to check out…


RiscPC 20th anniversary software sale

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 10th April, 2014. April 15th represents the 20th birthday of Acorn’s RiscPC computer, launched back in 19941. The RiscPC was an iconic machine for all of us, and was ultimately the pinnacle of Acorn’s computer technology, surpassed only by the unreleased Phoebe.


Update management now available in !Store

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd January 2014 We are pleased to announce that from version 1.10 (early Jan 2014) onwards, !Store now offers update notification and management for the software that you download. This feature ensures that the program keeps you up to date when new releases of your favourite RISC OS software occur.


PlingStore holiday sales – final weekend

An announcement from R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley, 4th January, 2014 This weekend brings the two-week-long !Store Christmas sales to a close. The feature items this weekend are Fireworkz Pro and HTMLEdit Studio, both on offer for half price. However, dig more deeply, and you’ll see that many other offers from the sales are still in effect, […]


!Store Christmas sale now on – Datapower family 50% off

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley of R-Comp, 21st December, 2013 Each day, or few days, over Christmas, different products will be on sale for significantly reduced prices. To begin with, the DataPower family of RISC OS database – generally considered to be some of RISC OS finest software – is on offer for 50% off. That […]