News nybble: RISC OS Open now ten years, four months old

And nine days! Don’t forget the nine days! RISC OS Open Ltd was officially incorporated on 20th June, 2006, so this year marks their tenth birthday, and tomorrow’s today’s London Show is the first RISC OS event for the company since that birthday. So, unsurprisingly – and just as you would expect any ten year […]


Wishing the ARM processor a happy 30th birthday

Today, 26th April, 2015 isn’t just the morning after this year’s Wakefield Show; it is also 30 years to the day since the very first ARM1 processor was produced, powered up – and worked! The story of the new processor goes back a little further than 26th April, 1985, and  started when Acorn were looking […]


How much cake does it take to make a RiscPC

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 25th April, 2014. As we hope you all know, the RiscPC is 20 years old this month… and there’s a RISC OS show in Wakefield! So, how do you celebrate a birthday like that? Why, CAKE, of course!


Happy birthday, RiscPC- you’re 20 years old today!

And, for many people, you’re still going strong. The RiscPC was the most powerful computer Acorn ever put into production, and it was officially launched twenty years ago today, on Friday, 15th April, 1994. according to Acorn’s April 1994 Developers’ Newsletter and the date of their announcement on usenet. RISCOSitory takes a look back over […]


RiscPC 20th anniversary software sale

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 10th April, 2014. April 15th represents the 20th birthday of Acorn’s RiscPC computer, launched back in 19941. The RiscPC was an iconic machine for all of us, and was ultimately the pinnacle of Acorn’s computer technology, surpassed only by the unreleased Phoebe.