64GB additional storage for ARMX6 at the Southwest Show

Anyone who purchases R-Comp‘s ARMSX ARMX6 computer at this Saturday’s show will walk away with a slightly better machine than the standard specification. That’s because the company will be including an additional 64GB of storage – one of the optional upgrades available when purchasing the computer normally.


ARMX6 formally announced – at last

We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious! R-Comp have at last revealed more details about the new computer they demonstrated1 at the 2014 London Show, including a more official announcement of the name that was dropped into the 2015 South West Show reminder.

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 12th October, 2014

If news were a hot dog, this would be the ketchup. (Ketchup? Catch-up? Geddit? No? Ho hum – where’s my coat?) Here at the RISCOSitory/Soft Rock Software top secret underground bunker (whose entrance is cunningly disguised as a ramshackle shed) things have become somewhat busy positively hectic over the last couple of months, which has […]


OS updates from R-Comp

Three! Count ’em! And new micro-SD cards, too! Just prior to the Midlands Show, R-Comp announced that “Super Pack 6” was available for owners of the original ARMini computer, as well as BeagleBoard users who have subscribed to the BeagleBoard Support Scheme, shortly followed by the option to upgrade to 16/32GB micro-SD cards. Later in […]


Aemulor arrives on BeagleBoard and PandaBoard

Make your 32-bit computer do an Impression (ho-ho) of a 26-bit one! When Castle Technology Ltd launched the IYONIX pc, back in 2002, there was a significant question users needed an answer to before upgrading to the new computer: Would their old software run on the new hardware? The problem was that for all the […]


Pic_Index now BeagleBoard compatible

A is for Application, B is for BeagleBoard, C is for Crikey this is a bit tenuous! Pic_Index is an application developed by John Williams to generate a thumbnail index for a set of JPEG files, in HTML format – ideal for use as gallery pages on websites, CD ROMs, or anywhere else the user […]


Christmas offers from R-Comp

R-Comp have announced that they have a stock of 25 inch LED-backlit monitors. These monitors, from a well-respected brand, offer excellent picture quality, with built-in ISF/image calibration features, and provide HDMI, VGA and older analogue connections, allowing you to use them with older computers such as RiscPCs and IYONIX pcs, as well as digital computers […]


CD and DVD support comes to ARMini

While RISC OS users have been able to access CDs and DVDs from their computers many years, users of R-Comp Interactive’s ARMini computer (as well as those using BeagleBoards in their own right) have only been able to do so via another computer and a network connection: Accessing the media in CD and DVD drives […]